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TheOfficeBelgrade FAQ

The FAQ page for TheOfficeBelgrade is a comprehensive resource designed to answer the most common questions about our coworking space. It provides detailed insights into various aspects of our services, including what constitutes a coworking space, the difference between hot and dedicated desks, and the benefits of a virtual office.

Additionally, it explains the accessibility and functionality of our conference rooms, the vibrant and enriching events hosted at our space, and our convenient transfer services. It delves into how our mail forwarding works and how we assist with company registration. The FAQ is a crucial guide for understanding our strategic location near the city center of Belgrade and is designed to provide all the necessary information for anyone interested in becoming part of TheOfficeBelgrade community.

FAQ at Coworking Space in Belgrade


What is TheOfficeBelgrade?


TheOfficeBelgrade is a coworking space, providing flexible workspace solutions. We offer hot desks, dedicated desks, virtual offices, and a wide variety of amenities for startups, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes.

Where is TheOfficeBelgrade located?

Our coworking space is strategically situated near the city center of Belgrade, ensuring easy access for our community members. Our first coworking location is situated at Alekse Nenadovica 19 in the vibrant neighborhood of Vracar. The second coworking space is located at Studentski trg 4, in the heart of Belgrade's city center.

Coworking Space


What is a coworking space?


A coworking space is a shared office environment where freelancers, remote workers, and businesses can rent desks or offices on a flexible basis.

Why choose TheOfficeBelgrade as your coworking space?

TheOfficeBelgrade provides a professional, productive, and inspiring shared space in Belgrade. It comes with high-speed internet, conference rooms, mail forwarding, company registration services, and event spaces.



What is the difference between a hot desk and a dedicated desk?


A hot desk is a shared workspace in a common area. You choose an available desk on arrival and take your belongings with you when you leave. A dedicated desk, on the other hand, is your personal desk in a shared space, and it's reserved just for you.

Virtual Office


What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides a business address for your company without physical office space. This service at TheOfficeBelgrade includes mail forwarding and is perfect for businesses looking to establish a presence in Belgrade.

Why should I choose a virtual office at TheOfficeBelgrade?

Opting for a virtual office at TheOfficeBelgrade allows you to gain a prestigious address in Belgrade without the high costs of renting a physical space. This can enhance your company's image and provide a reliable location for mail handling and client meetings.

How do I set up my virtual office?

Setting up a virtual office is simple. Contact us via email or phone to discuss your needs, select a package, and you can start using your new business address almost immediately.

Can I use the virtual office address for business registration?

Yes, you can use our address for registering your business, thus giving your startup or company a credible and professional appearance.

Is there a contract or minimum commitment for the virtual office?

We offer flexible plans to fit your needs, from month-to-month to annual commitments.

Can I upgrade from a virtual office to a physical office space?

Absolutely. As your business grows, you can easily upgrade to a dedicated desk or private office while still maintaining the same prestigious address.

What are the payment options for the virtual office service?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, wire transfers, and online payment platforms.

Conference Room

Can I book a conference room if I'm not a member?


Yes, our conference rooms are available for booking by both members and non-members. Our state-of-the-art rooms are perfect for meetings, presentations, and workshops.


Do you host events at TheOfficeBelgrade?

Yes, we host and facilitate various events. These range from networking events, seminars, to casual social gatherings. Our members have access to these events, often at a discounted rate.



Do you provide transfer services?


We do provide transfer services. These include local transfers and airport pickups/drops for our members. Please get in touch with our team for more information.

Mail Forwarding


How does mail forwarding work?


With our mail forwarding service, we receive mail and packages on your behalf at TheOfficeBelgrade. We can then forward them to an address of your choice, or you can pick them up at your convenience.

Company Registration


How does company registration work at TheOfficeBelgrade?


We provide assistance with company registration in Belgrade. Our team can guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with the required business address.

Are there coworking spaces near the city center?


Yes, TheOfficeBelgrade is located near the city center, offering the benefits of a city-center workplace without the high costs or long-term commitments of traditional office leases.


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