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Trends Shaping the Coworking Sector in 2023

Modern workplaces need to transform from office-centric to people-centric spaces, with a focus on flexibility, employee well-being, and sustainability.

Coworking space Belgrade
Coworking space in Belgrade

When we say "office-centric," we mean workplaces that are oriented towards the office. The term "office-centric" refers to a business model or approach that places a strong emphasis on physical office spaces as the primary location for work. This includes the traditional approach where employees are expected to work at a specific location (i.e., in the office), often during certain hours, and most work activities are conducted in person. This is in contrast to more modern, flexible approaches, such as remote work or coworking, where the focus is more on the work being done rather than the location where it is done.

In other words, an office-centric approach typically favors the office as the main center for business activities, often placing less emphasis on employee flexibility and opportunities for remote work.

The years following the pandemic can best be described as sudden, unexpected, and disruptive. Employees transformed their homes into workspaces as business continuity increasingly depended on the ability to work remotely. We are now in the post-pandemic era, where everything has changed from what we were accustomed to. Employee expectations and ambitions are shifting, providing company leaders with an opportunity to redesign their workplaces for the future. Modern workplaces must transform from being office-centric to being people-centric, with a focus on flexibility, employee well-being, and sustainability.

While coworking spaces have traditionally been associated with urban cities, the industry is poised to expand beyond these areas in 2023. With the rise of remote work, workers are increasingly seeking flexible workspaces closer to their homes, in suburban or secondary cities. Coworking spaces that offer more affordable and convenient options in these areas are likely to experience increased demand. Lower lease rates and the availability of well-equipped spaces with modern infrastructure, tech-enabled facilities, and amenities are driving demand and growth in secondary cities.

Technology in the coworking space is crucial.

The use of technology in coworking spaces is likely to become even more widespread in 2023. Coworking spaces will need to provide fast and reliable internet access, as well as other tech-equipped amenities such as video conferencing equipment and smart whiteboards. Some spaces may also incorporate augmented or virtual reality technology to enhance collaboration and productivity. Digitally-enabled workspaces offer flexibility to both large and small businesses, allowing them to easily adapt to changes in work culture while minimizing business impact. The modern workplace is evolving through technologies that enhance communication, collaboration, improve data security, integrate teams, and provide virtual assistance.

Recognizing the growing demands of the modern work environment, has always aimed to build a highly equipped and technologically advanced workspace. In order to provide optimal working conditions to our users, we have implemented the latest network equipment and optical cables to enable higher internet bandwidth while ensuring high-quality video conferencing equipment. Our commitment to technological innovation contributes to the continuous improvement of service quality, reaffirming our reputation as a leader in providing coworking space services.

Sustainability as a New Trend

As the importance of sustainability continues to grow, coworking spaces are likely to place increasing emphasis on environmentally conscious practices. This may include everything from eco-friendly construction practices to reducing energy consumption and incorporating eco-friendly features such as solar panels, green roofs, and energy-efficient lighting. According to recent research, nearly 75% of companies in Western Europe state that their employees expect their workplace to have a positive impact on society.

In line with the growing global imperative for sustainability, the European Union also supports such an approach by providing funds to facilitate its broader adoption. There is a growing number of companies aligning with sustainability principles, and they are granted a range of incentives, including tax reductions, more accessible terms for lower-interest loans, and numerous other incentives.

In this context, stands out as a leader in promoting sustainable practices in the coworking space industry. This platform actively collaborates on a sustainability project with several leading Swedish companies, making efforts towards developing environmentally conscious solutions and services. In this way, not only reaffirms its stance on the importance of sustainability but also encourages its users, partners, and the broader community to join this comprehensive movement towards preserving our planet.

Coworking spaces that prioritize sustainability are likely to attract workers committed to eco-friendly practices, as well as companies focusing on corporate social responsibility.

The Impact of the Environment on Employee Health

As workers increasingly prioritize their health and well-being, coworking spaces are likely to begin placing greater importance on offerings aimed at improving health. These measures could include enhanced air purification systems, intensified cleaning protocols, providing organic consumables, and offering health education. With a heightened focus on health, coworking spaces are likely to attract a wide range of workers and businesses seeking flexible and innovative workspaces. As the industry continues to evolve, coworking providers who can meet changing expectations will be best positioned for success.

Belgrade - Coworking Leader in the Region

Belgrade is rapidly transforming into a significant hub for coworking spaces in the region, attracting startups, freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as global corporations seeking flexibility and innovation. This dynamic brings significant opportunities for coworking service providers, but at the same time, it requires the enhancement and adaptation of services in line with the latest global trends. Technology access, sustainability, a focus on employee health and well-being, and providing maximum flexibility play a significant role in this. As Belgrade gains increasing prominence on the coworking world map, it becomes imperative for all service providers to improve their operations, upgrade their spaces, and follow the trends shaping the future of work. This will not only achieve a competitive advantage but also contribute to the overall development of the coworking ecosystem, further solidifying Belgrade's position as one of the leading coworking centers in the region.

TheOfficeBelgrade is keeping pace with the trends. constantly strives to stay in line with the latest trends in the coworking sector, aiming to become a leading coworking space in Belgrade. Our commitment to innovation, technological advancements, and superior service is reflected in our ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience. Our goal is not only to meet but to exceed our users' expectations, providing them with a coworking experience that fosters their professional growth and success.

Some of the innovations we are preparing for our users include the opening of an event center. New Event Center for Our Clients continues to enhance its services and infrastructure with the intention of creating a unique and comprehensive experience for its users. We are now announcing a new innovation - the opening of a modern event center specially designed for our valued clients.

Our new event center will be a multifunctional space that will provide an ideal venue for various events - from business conferences and meetings to workshops and presentations, to networking and social gatherings. The space will be equipped with the latest technology, including advanced audio-visual systems, digital whiteboards, and video conferencing tools, enabling efficient communication and interaction regardless of the physical location of participants.

The event center is designed to integrate with the other services provided by This includes access to our premium coworking space, technological services, and our sustainability initiatives. As part of our efforts to support sustainable practices, we plan to implement eco-friendly features in our event center, including energy-efficient use and recycling programs. is dedicated to providing optimal working conditions for its clients, and by opening this event center, we will further enrich our offerings. Our goal is to create a space that not only promotes professional growth and development but also provides opportunities for social networking and value creation.

Through this project, continues to advance its vision of a modern workspace where flexibility, innovation, and sustainability are key elements of success. With the opening of our event center, we look forward to enhancing the experience of our clients, helping them achieve their ambitions, and making the most of the benefits offered by working in a coworking space. - Where work becomes a pleasure :)

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